Changing the OS Associated with a Task Sequence

This is something that bugged me for a while, and I just stumbled across an answer…

When you create a new “Standard Client Task Sequence” to deploy an OS, the first thing you are prompted for after choosing the template is the OS.  I wanted to know how to specify a different OS for an existing task Sequence.   The obvious scenario for this would be when have updated a reference image but do not want to recreate a custom task sequence.

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Problem Updating Deployment Share

I have had an issue where I was no longer able to update my deployment share to update my boot images.  If I installed MDT on another computer and connected to the share, I could then do the update, so the problem is not with the share itself but with the computer doing the updating.

I had tried uninstalling WAIK and then reinstalling it, but that did not help.  I did some googling and did not come up with anything either…  I was suspecting that some temp files were a problem, so I started poking around.  When I looked in Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp I found some directories named MDTUpdate.XXX that were rather large.

For some reason I could not delete these files.  I finally had to boot to a live CD to delete the files.  Once I deleted these files, I could update my Deployment Share again.